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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Would You Pay 15 Grand for a Meat Pie?

Would you pay 15 thousand dollars for a meat pie?

Well I wouldn't, I'm a vegetarian.

In a recent NineMSN Travel article, a number of expensive menu items are detailed - here are the Top 6 Expensive Meals:

#1 $1156 Caviar Omelette (Norma's New York)
I don't care if they use caviar from the rarest fish in the world and dodo eggs.
I can whip up an omelette in about 7 minutes using free-range Victorian grown eggs. Whack in a bit of caviar from the deli if you must but either way you'll save about $1149.

#2 $193 Chicken Club Sandwich (Cliveden, London)
Apparently the kind of meal recommended by Henry IV. A good king by all accounts but rather expensive taste. Made from 30 month air cured ham. Eeew!! Perhaps we are paying by the month for this service...

#3 $15,820 Wagyu Beef Pie (Fence Gate Inn, Lancashire)
Made with $965 per kilo beef. What, did the cows eat gold during their time on this earth? I'm sure it's a nice pie, at almost $2000 per slice it would want to be. If it's anything like the pies I have sampled at the footy at the MCG, I'd rather a nice used car if it's all the same to you.

#4 $1146 Ice Cream Sundae (Serendipidy 3, New York)
And I thought the Pancake Parlour was expensive! Whee!! 23 carat edible gold leaf. From what I've read, gold is the sort of thing you buy and keep in a safe or under your bed - as opposed to stuffing it in your noggin'. Each to his own I suppose.

#5 $289 Truffle Chocolate (Knipschild, Conneticut)
A rare French perigod truffle surrounded by a... chocolate truffle. It's enough to give you a Knippshion (sic)!
Big whoop. Gimme a six pack of Ferrero Rochers and we'll call it even.

#6 $10,000 Diamond Martini (Algonquin Hotel, New York)
I've had expensive nights out. Just last Friday I had $25 in Wild Turkey shots and a lovely hangover to boot. This diamond martini, it appears, hurts your wallet as well as your head. But the bonus? You get a diamond stuffed down the bottom of your glass. Whacko the doodle bang. A real diamond. If I want a martini, I'll buy a martini. If I want a diamond, I'll go to a jeweller's.
Important Note: Don't drink this one too fast.

Sooo, I could either have the most expensive meal in my life...
For $28,604 I could buy a 2005 Volkswagen Golf and have $11,454 left over for a nice holiday in Byron Bay.

Which would you choose?


  1. And I thought macdonalds was expensive >.<

  2. I could eat for several years. That's ridiculous when you think about it and all the homeless, hungry people out there.

  3. @Keith - hmmm. Food for thought!!

    @Jude - it is. I was of this mind when I did this post. The excesses of some members of society are really quite nauseating.

    @balufeb18 - thanks so much!!


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