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Friday, March 05, 2010

Buy Mr Flibble

After a number of enquiries eg. "where do I buy Mr Flibble?" as a result of my last Mr Flibble post, I have finally tracked down the site where you can buy the elusive Mr Flibble puppet.

The site is called Mr Flibble Is Cross, which is an appropriate name as Mr Flibble is very cross indeed. You can buy Mr Flibble, watch Mr Flibble videos and remenisce with all the Mr Flibble related quotes from the legendary episode of Red Dwarf III - "Quarantine".

I have been asking myself the question "why do so many people want to buy Mr Flibble"? After a bit of research (it didn't take long!) I found that the main reason was for fancy dress purposes. That's right, there are a number of guys and girls out there itching to don the red and white checked gingham dress, the army boots, the blonde plaited wig and hat. And this outfit would look pretty silly (what am I saying!) without a Mr Flibble hand puppet to complete the look.

Of course, some people want to buy the puppet as memorabilia. To scare their children into cleaning their rooms perhaps.

Parent: (said in monotone) "If you don't clean your room, Mr Flibble will become very cross. And you know what happens when Mr Flibble gets cross, don't you?"

Kid "Aaargh!!!" (cleans room in record time)

To all the fellow Red Dwarf fans, good luck with your search for Mr Flibble, long live Quarantine and thank God for British comedy!!


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