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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Karrie, Women and Sport

Firstly, congratulations to Karrie Webb on winning her seventh ANZ Ladies Masters. It was good to see the free to air channels broadcasting day 1 & 2 highlights and full coverage of days 3 and 4, so well done on that front.

The results of the tournament apparently weren't newsworthy enough for Channels 9, 7, 10 and ABC. Not even Sports Tonight. Oh well, just another victory for the greatest golfer to come out of Australia (and yes, that does include Greg Norman!). I don't suppose it has something to do with it being a "Ladies" tournament. Hmm....

Other newsworthy articles were Lara Bingle's naked scandal, some other footballer duffed up somebody else, and oh yes, Richard Green DIDN'T win in a golf tournament overseas, getting knocked off by Camilo Villegas. But his not winning was more newsworthy than Karrie Webb actually... winning. Go figure.

Karrie Webb triumphed with a blistering course record of 11 under (61), and was a joy to watch. I think the Ladies Masters is a brilliant event. I attended this tournament in 2009 and 2008. 2010's tournament was held on the Gold Coast, so it was a little far to travel over the weekend. It would be nice to have some acknowledgment that the tournament actually happened. It's about time that golfers such as Karrie Webb, Katherine Hull and Laura Davies get their fair share of coverage.

Sooo.... given the lack of proper news coverage, here is iseekgolf's Bruce Young talking to Karrie Webb about her 7th ANZ Ladies Masters Victory.


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