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Monday, July 19, 2010

Doggie Jackets

For the fifth time this month I have seen an all too familiar sight:

1.  A dog
2.  An absent owner (possibly shopping)
3.  A leash fastening the dog to a pole
4.  The dog shivering uncontrollably

Why?  Because it's COLD!

Dog owners please note:  A dog isn't able to dress itself in the morning the way that we do.  So, to compensate for this canine inadequacy, us dog owners need to dress the dog in appropriate clothing for the weather.  In Melbourne, for example, it has been 2 banshee shrieks close to freezing in Melbourne for the last few weeks.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration.  Since we don't really get snow or anything.  But... some dogs (especially small dogs) have a low tolerance to cold.  So if it is 14 degrees outside and you are wearing a scarf, please make sure your dog is dressed too.

It is easy to keep your dog warm and if your dog could speak (yes, I know some do - at least they do on YouTube), it would thank you from the bottom of its shivering heart.


  1. We did buy our Milly a coat - a lovely cobalt blue number - and she *hated* it.

    She's never had an angry bone in her body, but she'd twist around and growl at it and when I made her wear it she'd look at me with such reproach...

    ....until one day I found it all torn and chewed up and realised I didn't have the heart to buy her another one!

  2. @Kath Lockett - I suppose if she felt that strongly about it, best not to argue! Maybe some dogs were made to be au naturel!

  3. I think dogs look cute with clothes or jackets on! But too bad my dog hates them, and will have it off of her in 5 min and torn up!

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