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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Green is the New Black

Green is the new black.  I didn't read this in a magazine, I haven't been to the latest fashion shows, I just decided that I'm right about this.

Why green is the new black:

1.  It's easier to see at night (especially light green)
2.  It suits a brunette perfectly
3.  It makes me think of spring when it is grey and cold and foggy outside
4.  It's the colour of money if you live in the US.  Australian money would make quite a gaudy 80s outfit.
5.  Green is a stylish and classy colour (except perhaps anything in lime green spandex )

So, now that green has unofficially been declared the colour of Melbourne winter, here are a few ideas to get you started courtesy of my Kaboodle Style Board "It's Easy Being Green":

It's Easy Being...
It's Easy Being... by violetlight7

So, the little black dress is now replaced with the little green dress. Enjoy!


  1. Ooh I actually cringed when reading "lime green spandex"! I agree though, green is the new black, it's just such a happy color :)

  2. If green is the new black, then I am in trouble. I look awful in green.

  3. @Online RSA - Beware the spandex!

    @Anne - Never mind - plenty more colours to choose from!
    Have you heard the joke...

    Man: "Why, you look like Helen Green!"

    Woman: "Yeah, well I don't look so hot in yellow either!"

    don't forget to tip your waiter...


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