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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Colourful Photon LED SkinTenderizer

My latest purchase consists of a great new LED photon light device, used to correct uneven skin tone and various other skin concerns.
The device itself is great, works perfectly, I am very happy indeed.

LED Photon Light Device

The part I found most amusing about the whole transaction was the instruction leaflet.  Please note, I am not joking and this leaflet really contains these phrases.

"Colourful Photon Skin Tenderizer"

I'm somehow nervous already...

Main benefits
  • Light waves irradiate skin cells
What the hey?...
  • Promotes rebuilding of collagen fibers and other flexible fibers
Like cotton?  Or spandex perhaps?  I've got some old bike shorts need repairing...

And finally,

Please stop the operation in case any stimulated phenomenon

Stimulated phenomenon?  What, like my compass and watch stopping on a deserted road?

Trust no one!!!


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