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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nerd Love

When geek and love collide, it looks something like this....
Geek Love Poem (The following T-Shirts are courtesy of Think Geek)

Alright, I get the first part, what's with the "base are" bit?

That's not even proper English!

***Holds eyes tightly shut while waiting for inevitable berating comment from Xanthar Doomsayer III (aka Colin)***

Intimate nerd apparel

Please don't blog this.  Please.  Really.

Love vs chocolate - chocolate wins
For when love is not forthcoming
...or I just prefer chocolate...  SORRY!! Theobromine.

Love is... free IT support

I should have bought one of these at age 14...

When 2 geeks fall in love, and make little geeks, there is really only one option:

That's two options.  FAIL.  *smacks forehead*

And completely unrelated...
Haley Joel Osment I Ain't

I don't think I've got enough space to fit all these t-shirts but I might just have to buy them all.  Starting with this one. 


  1. Hi Kath!! I had a feeling you'd like that one! :-)

    @postzoom - I have joined up as of now. Cheers Eric!

  2. HAHA, those were funny, I'd fo for the first one any day of the week :)


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