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Monday, August 15, 2011

Classic Swimsuits

There are certain eras in fashion that just got things right.  Take swimsuits for example, some fads went a bit haywire with the high cut idea, and soon women were paddling in the ocean using baby steps and holding themselves together with blu tack and tarzans grip.  You feel the need to sneeze but hold it in because you know the consequences.  All you need is one large wave to come along and hello embarrassing dive for lost part of missing bikini top...

The trend continued unrestrained, resulting in the much maligned (and equally revered) "Borat Mankini".

But we can take heart in the sensible nature of some designers, coming up with glamourous pin up bathing suits for sensible women:

Vintage pinup high waisted shorts in White Cherry from Pinup Couture
This fancy number comes with matching white cherry sarong.
For some reason the shorts and top are sold separately but I wouldn't advise wearing only one or the other, except on certain beaches!!

Vintage Swimsuit - The Marilyn by Pinup Couture
The classic one piece inspired by Marilyn Monroe.  Designed for swimming and/or posing in the desert.

Bettie One Piece Swimsuit
Slightly Gidget inspired, practical for all uses, including adorning light planes (preferably before takeoff!!)


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