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Friday, August 26, 2011

Quinny Strollers

Poppy Lou

I watched a cute baby and his grandad strolling along the street today.  It was such a cute scene, the baby was cute, the grandpa was doting...  but something caught my eye.

The stroller's name was "Quinny".  I immediately recognised it from "Elizabeth" (or was it "Elizabeth - The Golden Age" - I can't remember).  Anyway, the term is a euphemism for the female genitalia.  Dating back to Elizabethan times, hence the word appearing in the film "Elizabeth".

I tried unsuccessfully to stop laughing out loud.  Then I stopped trying and just went with it.  Apparently the word is sooo Elizabethan era that it's a cute, sweet and altogether wholesome word again.

I hate to think what strollers will be called in 3010.


  1. yeah, that's funny to think what terms will they use for the next generation products. is the carrier removable and can face forward?


  2. @Mommy's Bright Bundles - I didn't notice, I was laughing too hard!!


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