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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Save The Tassie Devil

Most people know and recognise this character from the Warner Brothers cartoons:
However what some people don't realise is that this is also a real creature.  A marsupial, in fact.

A rather grumpy carniverous marsupial with a cute and ferocious nature.

The trouble is, these little devils are in trouble.  A large number of the population have been struck down with disease and they need help to fight the very real possibility of extinction.

I was extremely distressed to find that we, as world citizens, can't seem to get together to find a measly 2 million bucks to fund the breeding program for these little guys at Victoria Zoo.

The breeding programs exist to repopulate the dwindling number of devils in the wild to give the population a fighting chance.

Project Cost: $2 million
Total Raised: $496,732
Remaining: $1,503,268

Donations will go towards breeding pens, surveillance systems, a research hut, specialist staff and devil breeding keepers, nutrition for the devils, cool room storage for meat, a devil cart (transport costs) and veterinary support for quarantine and health checks.

To find out more about these wonderful little animals, please follow the links below:

Zoos Victoria:
Devil's Advocate - Save the Tassie Devil

University of Tasmania - for US donations also:  
Save The Tassie Devil Appeal

Taronga Foundation:
Taronga Foundation Tassie Devil Appeal


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