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Friday, October 20, 2006

Missionfish - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I received an email today from Ashley Gatewood, the Marketing Coordinator for Missionfish.org - who are described on their website as"...the exclusive charity solution provider for eBay Giving Works, and a service of the Points of Light Foundation..."The Points of Light Foundation being a US Volunteer organisation for solving social problems in many communities.

The email reads:

"eBay Giving Works is shining a special Spotlight On Breast Awareness throughout the month of October. Participating sellers are donating part or all of their items' final sale prices to over 80 breast cancer-related organizations, including The Susan G. Komen Foundation and The Breast Cancer Fund. Check out http://www.missionfish.org/spotlight_bca to check out all a girl's favorite things (designer shoes, jewelry, etc.) and more—all to help an amazing cause."

I am quite happy to do a shameless plug for a nonprofit organisation that assists in raising funds for other nonprofit organisations.

I did a bit of resarch and found that:

Missionfish is a nonprofit organization completely separate to Ebay

Nonprofit organisations can participate in "Direct Selling" ie. they can sell unwanted or useless donations and transform it into cash for the charity

Ebay sellers can participate in "Community Selling" ie. they can give between 10% and 100% (minimum donation is now $5) of the final sale price to a charity of their choosing.

If you're not a registered charity or an Ebay seller, you still can buy an item marked with the charity icon to support nonprofit organisations.

It seems like a Win-Win situation to me.


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