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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to buy Facebook fans

To buy or not to buy? The question (and answer) is different for everyone. Some people believe in the purity of not buying fans, and that's a valid way to go.

Others believe that fans = profile.

So, under what circumstances should you buy Facebook fans?

The truth is, you can't start a company or launch a brand and have it sit there at 19 fans for 3 months. It's not a good look. In this instance, you would be well advised to boost your fans to at least 1000 while you find new and innovative ways of marketing yourself.

If you are a blogger and wish to be an 'authority' in your area, you could also think about buying fans. Imagine it from your new reader's perspective, you go to the "authority blogger's" Facebook page and find 3 fans. You aren't going to like their page, are you? It's a catch 22 situation. If you have fans, you are more likely to attract fans.

If you are running a short term launch and need to boost fans quickly, buying fans could be a possible option to make sure the campaign reaches as many people as possible.

How to buy facebook fans?  That's the easy part.  You just select the desired amount, enter your Facebook URL and pay.  That's pretty much it.  When the fans arrive, it's what you do with your page that counts.

The more fans, the more authority, the more authority, the more buzz, the more buzz, the better the rankings.
There is, of course, no substitute for real engagement and quality content. If you put in the work and your page is worthwhile, it will grow. If not, there is no real point. You want to engage your readers and get them talking, that is worth more than anything. If you sell a product, make sure it is of the highest quality and provide follow-up support and service. Your customers will thank you in the long run.


  1. About the phrase 'Others believe that fans = profile', it actually depends on the readers/audience of the blog. If you do write at least decent to good articles, than it'll be a shame if one's blog is judged solely on fans only.

    But on the other hand, certain companies requires a blog to have at least 100 or 1000 "fans" or "subscribers" before they are even willing to consider sponsoring your blog for paid views and such.

    I somehow agree with what you said in your blog. To buy or not to buy? But still, waiting for it to grow is kind of a long hard wait no matter how you look at it.

    For instance, I've been bloggign about product reviews alongside my daily life on my main blog. And now that I've decided to set up a brand new blog that focuses mainly on beauty products and topics, my new blog kinda take a beating somehow.

    Mainly because other bloggers would have already thought of a beauty blog way before I even contemplate setting up 1 and it is defintiely getting harder and harder to get readers and audiences who would want to risk taking side of a new blog as opposed to supporting one that's already been in existence.

    And most times, it's the "pretty girl blogs so she gets all the fans" issue that gripes me too. Pretty bloggers or not, they're just equally human and shouldn't be judged based on looks. (Probably another reason why I seldom use my real photos in my pictures)

    Nevertheless, I enjoy reading your blog post on "How to buy Facebook fans". It kinds of give me more drive and purpose before. Thank you for talking about it, I really do appreciate it :-D

  2. @Pu Niao - I understand what it's like to got through setting up a new blog or site. The key is to provide something different that others do not already have.

    For example, it's easy to create a beauty blog but you can bring a new angle to an already popular topic.

    I like the personal touch on your blog and I believe that to be your strength. If people get to know you, they will come back again and again.


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