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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Audioline Cordless vs Digitor Corded Phone

I bought this Audioline cordless phone for around $25.00

The phone looks good however it has a couple of problems with functionality.

1. When you put the phone back on the charger, it either goes "beep", which means yippee it's going to charge properly.... or it doesn't go beep, you don't notice, then you get an important call and all you can hear is "de de" - the dulcet tones of the battery warning feature.

2. And this is the really incredible one.... the "3" button doesn't work. Or it does work but then it registers twice. You practically need a hammer to make it register. So if you're trying to pay a bill via B-Pay it's white knuckle time.

Today I bought this Digitor corded phone for $19.95

It doesn't need recharging, it doesn't use electricity to maintain all the time, and....

The "3" button works.

I can now pay my bills in peace.


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