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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Traffic Exchange Reviews

I have been trying out the following traffic exchange sites for around 4-6 months:

Traffic Swarm

The Winners and Losers:

Blog Soldiers 9/10

And the winner is...Blog Soldiers.
It is the easiest to use and the constant improvements are impressive.
The ratio used to be for every 2 blogs you visit, 1 will visit yours (surf ratio 0.5).
Now it has increased so for every blog you visit, your surf ratio is 0.75
My favourite thing about Blog Soldiers is the ease of use. And the pretty pictures you are required to click on to earn credits.

Blog Mad 8.5/10

Very close second is Blog Mad. The ratio is actually better than Blog Soldiers - 1:1
You can't get much better than that!! I just don't like the clicky thing as much. Isn't that silly? Well, no, not if you are sitting there like a zombie for hours on end surfing sites for credit!

Blog Explosion 8/10

Love Blog Explosion. I have got a lot of traffic from Blog Explosion, it's just not as intuitive to use as Blog Mad and Blog Soldiers. I had a bit of trouble working out how to get credits, the banner upload was ridiculous (it just didn't work. About 7 times - probably not their fault though!!)
Overall, Blog Explosion is definitely worth it. For a small amount of time surfing you seem to get quite a lot of traffic.

Traffic Swarm 7/10

Traffic Swarm is good too.
The main drawback for me is that this is not a "blog only" traffic site. So you get the inevitable "Click here we can make you rich ask me how and more importantly ask me why I'm here jumping up and down talking to you instead of sailing off in that yacht behind me in the picture..."
Apart from the get rich quick stuff, the traffic thing is good.

My Traffic Blast 4/10

Okay, somebody enlighten me here. I have no idea what to do with this one. It confuses the heck out of me. I managed to navigate through the "click here" stuff to the members area, only to be confronted by a dog's breakfast of information. I have no idea what this site is doing for me (if anything). I have no idea how to earn credits, except for buying them.
However I did check my stats and I got a heap of people from My Traffic Blast. So it must be doing something. I just don't know what.

Click Thru 2/10

Hmmm. This was an easy decision for me, might not be for others. I got a large amount of traffic from Click Thru. The reason why I have rated it so poorly? The "tasks" section made me encounter a horrible sight that took days to get out of my system. I still get a cold chill thinking about it. Click Thru's policy allows illegal and offensive material. This was both. I don't even know if the person in the picture was still alive. All I know is I won't forget it. I have since deleted my account and taken the links off my site.

There is also an unknown quantity lurking in the background. It's called ExLinks.

Just another traffic program? Nobody knows. But everybody who's anybody seems to want to sign up. A good start for a traffic program, I think.


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