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Monday, December 18, 2006

Lip Balm Challenge!!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try on as many lip balms as possible
and rate them out of 10.

I now have so many lip products that they are lying around everywhere. I have one for
each bag, each purse, each drawer.

Here is the verdict...

Model Secrets Lip Plump: 8/10

This stuff is fun!! It costs $3.95 and comes in a bizarre pack.

It won't make you look like Mick Jagger....

but this stuff is great - it gives your lips a boost and is a good base for lipstick.
Make sure you don't put too much on as it will start to peel off making you look
like the crypt monster.

It's a fun, inexpensive lip product with novelty value.

Nivea Lip Care Essential: 7/10

I love this one. It's a handy pack great for taking to the gym, for a walk etc.
Easy to use, no fuss. This was under $5.

Blistex Lip Ointment: 10/10

This is undoubtably the best lip balm ever. It has a minty kind of feel, sun protection and
definitely moisturises better than the others.

Every time I think I have found the best lip balm, I come back to this one and
realise it's better. RRP: $4.95

Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment: 7/10

This can be found in health food stores for around $6 and contains more natural
ingredients than those found in the other lip balms. The feel is great, it gives a nice
shine and can be used as a gloss on its own or with lipstick.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation ($12 approx): 7/10

This stuff works - it's great in fact. However it is sticky and glue-like.
It's great for those who like hair sticking to their face every time the wind blows.

I like it, but I'll only use it when I am in a non-windy environment.

Vaseline Lip Therapy ( Under $5): 4/10

Not too impressed with this one. I don't like vaseline as an ingredient - it makes me
think of sump oil! This lip balm doesn't really absorb like other products do.

It just sort of sits on your lips and makes them greasy. Yuk!!

And the winner is....Blistex Lip Ointment! The best for sun protection,
consistency, frangrance and gloss factor!

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  1. Carmex sounds good. I don't think we get it here....must check it out.


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