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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Battle of the Tracky Dacks!!

Sometimes you can find bargains in the most unexpected of places. Determined to find a new pair of tracksuit pants
that didn't look excruciatingly daggy, I scoured Ebay for ages, searched Rebel Sport and all the usual suspects.

I wasn't having much luck unless I really wanted tracksuit pants similar
to the ones pictured:

Sexy, no?
Okay, tracky dacks are not the high point of fashion.
But I'm not wearing them for a fashion statement - I am wearing them to go running. If I start to go out on the town
wearing clothes like this, you have permission to shoot me!

But, back to my search. By chance, I happened to be in Mount Waverley walking towards the station
when something caught my eye. On a rack outside a small local shop I saw the holy grail of tracksuit pants:
(insert Hallelujah chorus here)

Slender lines, delicate piping, flared boot leg style. I grabbed the tag - it read "$10.00"

I didn't even try them on (they only had S, M and L and if you don't know where you fit in here then you need
some scales and a measuring tape!!). I paid the money and walked towards the station on a shopping Cloud 9.

It just goes to show that synchronicity can apply to shopping as well as other matters!!

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