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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

FOAD - Don't Buy Britney's Hair on Ebay!!

Re: People bidding over $1 million dollars for Britney Spears hair on Ebay

Okay. I've had it. I don't know if this is FOAD Monday, Tuesday or whatever. For me, today is FOAD day. So there.

Please, fellow humans, do not be a sheep and follow the megalomaniacal (is that a word?) media in their bloodthirsty and vulturous (I think I made up another word - being angry does that to a person!) quest for sensationalism out of complete triviality.

If aliens came to our planet and found out that various members of humanity had decided to spend $1M upwards (yes, that's right, 1 million dollars or more) on a pile of human hair, they would decide we are either insane, very simple or that humans in general possessed the same intellectual and spiritual capacity of pond scum and single-celled amoeba.

It's HAIR. I don't care whose hair it is. It's HAIR. You know? The stuff that gets clogged in the drain when you are having a shower. The stuff you clean off your hairbrush. The bits you sweep off the floor and vaccum off the carpet.

Ooo but it's Britney's Spears' hair! Britney! Britney! Britney! WGAF (hey wow, I think I made up a new nerdism. Try and work it out...)

I don't care if it's the Czar, the Queen, Britney Spears or hair from someone's dog. It's hair and a can of Red Bull you can get for $2.40 from a vending machine.

People who have $1 million dollars to spend and want to spend it on such trivial rubbish should be tied up with string and made to donate the money to Oxfam or something.

In fact, dammit, if you are one of these incredibly stupid, incredibly rich people with a penchant for sweepings from the floor of a hair salon (and by the way, how do people this stupid get this rich? Clearly wealth is not a measure of intellectual capacity) then why don't you do the following:

1. Go to local hair salon, ask very nicely for sweepings off floor (I'm sure they will oblige!!)
2. Go to a vending machine, buy a Red Bull for $2.40, put on some lipstick, take a few sips and make a clear lipstick mark on the can.
3. Donate $1M to Oxfam or the Red Cross.
4. Put stupid hairy stuff and Red Bull in a cabinet. Okay it didn't belong to Britney Spears, but are you beginning to see how ridiculous this is?
5. Stop watching sillly entertainment shows promoting insignificant garbage.

You will feel better knowing that an entire village can build a well, build a school, get vaccinated against disease and grow crops.

Or you can say, "stuff the rest of the world, I want my hair and Red Bull from Britney"

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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  1. I agree with you.

    All of this celebrity/entertainment stuff is getting way out of hand. Sure, she lost her mind and cut her hair. But I wish the media would've just left it at that. And now this eBay thing...gah! Stupid media.


  2. Nice rant! I, too, must agree!

    Here via bestest blog carnival... and cuz you visited me, of course!

  3. Oh, I totally agree! I can't even take hearing the name Britney anymore (or Paris), but the thought of someone throwing away that kind of money on something so stupid is just ludicrous.


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