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Monday, February 19, 2007

Nokia 2600 + Optus = Dropouts and Confusion

I'm not sure if it's my phone - if it's everyone else's phone, if it's Optus or if it's Nokia 2600s in general. I've checked with other people using Optus and they don't
seem to have the same problem so it is probably a problem with the phone itself.

This strange phenomenon seems to happen every time I make an important call...

I call, get talking, then there is a drop out around the most important words in the conversation.
The words you can't hear when talking on the Nokia 2600 are shown in red.
...A completely fictional example:

Person A: What time is this dinner party?
Person B: It's at six-thirty
Person A: Ok, what do I need to bring?
Person B: Bring cheese, wine, nothing with wheat in it because Jenny is allergic...and dessert
Person A: What do I need to wear? Is it still fancy dress?
Person B: No Jenny and Mark decided against fancy dress - that's the latest.
Person A: And that speech I had made up. What did you think? Should I speak about the war?
Person B: It might be a sensitive subject to have you speak about the war.
Person A: Ok, I'll see you at six-thirty then.

You can see just from this brief example the endless possibilities for misunderstandings, mixups, and in this case, flat-out disaster!

The problem seems to get even worse if you put the phone on loudspeaker - it cuts out both what you are saying and what the other person is saying. And if you both say a word at the same time, you can't hear anything.

I'm either going to get a new phone or I'm going to go back to basics.

Verdict - What good is a phone if you can't use it to communicate? I ask you!!


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