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Thursday, July 19, 2007

'Highlight' display fix for Internet Explorer

This is a shopping blog and therefore I don't normally write about HTML and CSS stuff but I have just spent 3 infuriating hours trying to work out why it is that 'highlight' text refuses point blank to display in Internet Explorer.

This is from the website I am working on:


Note: I used the term "left" as the highlight is to appear in the left menu bar.

Display was perfect in Mozilla and Opera but IE wasn't showing any highlight. In fact, it just reverted to the original style specified.

After much pain and use of IDs (#), etc, I was no closer to a solution.

Then finally I discovered a command used if the text is to be highlighted say, in the middle of a sentence. I used the following:

And wouldn't you know, it worked. The highlight displayed properly, even in Internet Explorer.

So, to avoid pain and suffering for others, I decided to post this fix for highlights displaying properly in IE. I hope it will save some people some time and frustration.

Peace. I'm going to go and have a chamomile.


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