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Friday, July 13, 2007

Three More Patricia Cornwell Novels...

I bought these three Patricia Cornwell novels on Ebay for $6.00

That's right! $6.00!

That means $2 each if my maths serves me correctly!

I had to buy these again as I lent the three novels as an Omnibus to a friend. Rather than ask for it back, I thought I'd just buy a new lot. Good karma or what?

Soon, I shall have them all....my...young...apprentice....


  1. hey...sorry, couldnt find an email address so am leaving a note here inquiring about a possible link exchange with my new blog (should be in my profile, dont wanna spam your comments page). Hope to hear back from you! :)

  2. the prices for these novels is cheap
    i would check them out


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