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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ebay Success!!

Whoopee! I have had some success on Ebay with furnishing my new wardrobe. I'm starting from the ground up. That is, feet.

Here is my first foray into er...fashion (for want of a better word). These are kind of a suede-like material Diana Ferrari runners. Or sneakers as some call them. Or stealthy sneaking espionage covert-operation foot apparatus. I'm using them for running so I'm calling them runners. Or walkers. Argh.

They were $10.50 with $9 postage & handling. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Next up is legs, I have this thing for corduroy. It's warm, comfy and well, I don't know - I just like the material. And brown. For some reason I thought these three would go together perfectly. Red, brown and dark grey with a bit of red on it. I'm no Karl Lagerfeld - for one I don't have enough sunglasses. But I think I got it right here.

These Rip Curl corduroy jeans were $15.15 with $6.00 postage & handling.

Next we move to the torso. I love this T-shirt. I do not love this T-shirt because Jessica Simpson wore it once. In fact I couldn't give a rat's rear end. I love this T-shirt because it's very me. It came all the way from South Korea - customs stamp and everything.

I bought it for $17.50 plus $6.00 postage which is pretty good considering how far it had to travel.

My next purchase will probably be a hat, considering I am doing this from the ground up. So we need to take care of the head, or noggin as it is sometimes called. With a hat. Either that or a tiara. But I think a hat would be more suitable for the cold weather. It will probably be something like this - I like the style termed "newsboy" or "cadet".


  1. Nice wardrobe. Did Jessica Simpson wear that actually shirt, or just that same type of shirt?

    Just to let you know, I linked back to you.

  2. Hey Andrew, thanks for the link! I think in the photo it shows Jessica Simpson wearing the shirt. Or something almost exactly the same. Perhaps that one was the $500 version hehehe :-)

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