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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wardrobe Malfunction

My wardrobe is filling up slowly. I have slacked off from my "buy 1 item of clothing per week". Why? I don't know. It was going so well. Ebay is like Chi or something, if one bit gets blocked, everything falls on it's bum. I could have been more scientific about it but there it is.

My latest purchase sort of stopped me in my tracks. Surprisingly, it's yet another pair of corduroy jeans in brown (yes, I am a fashion goddess).

The problem with this last pair is not the fit (although they are a tad too big), not the style, but the colour. It is too light! In the photo it looks kind of mid-brown but when I opened the package, it was sort of a light cappucino. Not my thing, really.

I suppose I'll have to sell them now and I don't know what it is but I haven't had much luck with selling anything. I sold a $40 music instruction book for 0.99c and it just goes on from there.

My latest sale - the guy had a wrong address registered on Ebay, I sent it to the registered address and surprise surprise! It didn't get to him. He seemed quite miffed. Then it came back to me, boomerang-style. Then...(grrhrhrrh)... he asked me to post it to him again, to another address. Guess who had to pay the extra postage?? Now he hasn't bothered to contact me so I don't know if it has reached him or not. Nor has he left feedback. I might give up selling and start donating more to charity or something.

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  1. Too funny, did you keep the stylish cords????

  2. Hehe I have decided to donate them to charity (Red Cross Bin)! :-)


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