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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Betting on the GeeGees

I will come right out and say it. I am fantastic at choosing the horse that is most likely going to lose. Or the one that gets scratched just before the starting gate. Actually, that's not true, at the Melbourne Cup (I think it was 1997 - correct me if I'm wrong here!) I decided to bet on "Rogan Josh" because of my inate knowledge of horses and intricate system for choosing the winning nag. Okay, that's nonsense, I chose it because I like curry. But that's not really that weird. I mean some people choose numbers, or jockey colours, or they choose by trainer or sometimes by the jockey. That reminds me, I actually saw Damien Oliver at the 6th at Elsternwick Golf Course. He was riding a motorbike (not a horse!) and he asked my partner and I if I had seen his mobile phone as he had lost it. We hadn't, but two days later he came second in the Melbourne Cup. I should have been paying attention. If I had given a thought to online betting I would found out just how easy it is. Betfair makes it easy and convenient to bet on the horse racing whenever you get the inspiration. It's quick and easy to join and you can put a bet on straight away. You can see today's races at a glance, and because you can see the next race coming up, you'll never have to miss a race. All of which would have been handy for me in this instance. Instead, I just watched the race on TV and went "dang" for the missed opportunity. So there you go folks, learn from my mistakes.

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