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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bush High Definition Set Top Box

Oh yes. It will be mine.

I entered the local Dick Smith outlet armed with $130 cash and a few simple questions. Today was the day. I would get the High Definition set top box and open up a new world of extra golf (EXTRA GOLF!!! Haahahaha! Hee hee!) tournaments and movies on the new TenHD channel. It was all so simple.

Or so I thought. The sales girl walked into view and asked if I was being served.

Me: Hi, I'd like to buy a Bush High Definition set top box.

Sales Girl: Nup. Sold out.

Me: Okay, do you know where I can get one?

Sales Girl: Nup. They're all sold out. You can't get them anywhere.

Me: Anywhere?

Sales Girl: (sarcastically) If you want to spend $399 then you might get one.

Me: Hmm. What about the website then? Can you get one there?

Sales Girl: Nup.

(doesn't this girl know any more words?)

Me: No?

Sales Girl: Nup.

Me: (slowly) Could you check it for me?

Sales Girl: (grunts and logs onto the website on the screen in front of her) There. Nup. You can't get it on the website either.

Me: Really? That's weird.

Sales Girl: Yep. It's a web only offer.

Me: Hang on, doesn't that mean I actually can get it from the website?

Sales Girl: (confused) Oh. Yeah.

(snakes alive! She's worked something out!)

Me: (exasperated) Fine. And can you use a High Definition set top box with a normal TV?

Sales Girl: Nup, you need a brand new TV.

Me: That's weird, I've read that you can use it with a normal TV.

Sales Girl: Nup. (Computer says no)

Me: Thanks. (walks out, with sales girl glaring in my direction)

I decided to stop wasting my time at the front desk and called Dick Smith technical support.

Me: Hi, I'm going to buy a Bush HD set top box from the website. Can you please tell me if it can connect to a normal TV?

Tech Support Guy: Yes, no problem.

Me: Do I need a special cable?

Tech Support Guy: The yellow, white and red one will do. You probably already have one.

Me: Yes, I think I do. So that's it? I can get the the HD channels?

Tech Support Guy: Yes, they won't be in full HD because of your TV set but you'll get all the new channels.

Me: (stunned silence - that's it?) Okay thanks.

Why? Why did that girl insist on working in customer service? She could be just as happy as a parking inspector.

"I'm sorry, I was just dropping off some dry cleaning. Can't you give me a break this time?"


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  1. wow I know how you feel! something like that happened to me before. HD sucks go blue ray.

  2. wozog - Just worked out HD and so far I don't even know what blu ray does!?! I just know it messes with older DVDs. Who designed this stuff? Satan?

  3. That's quite funny. I thought as a sell person, one could get commission if they could sell something. That's really silly of her.

  4. You have a very nice blog, good post...keep up the good job

  5. Windy - That's my thinking exactly! They don't want my money?

    Sorina - thanks for the vote of confidence ;-)


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