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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mmmmm Coffee!

Coffee. It's everywhere. Wafting from the booth at the train station. Steaming out of cafes and restaurants. It's easy to imagine yourself as one of those cartoon characters following the trail of coffee smells with your arms outstretched and eyes half closed. And so it comes that I am reviewing a site that reviews shopping offers on all things coffee. Coffee Reviews is for lovers of coffee and online shopping hounds like myself. The aim of the site is to gather the best "Coffee of the Month Club" offers together in one place so you can check out the offers and see if they are for you.

If you are a fan of Boca Java coffee or Gevalia Coffee, you might be following your nose to the site. The Boca Java offers include 4 bags of coffee and an itunes card for $13.90 (does not include shipping and handling), buy 2 bags and get 2 bags free for $12.00 (not including shipping & handling), free self-stirring mugs and cookies with a purchase of 4 bags of Boca Java, a one-pot coffee maker and a free "time" mug (complete with clock!).

Note: If you make a purchase you are actually joining a "Coffee of the Month Club" which means that after paying for the offer + shipping and handling you will be sent 2 bags of coffee every 4 weeks until you say "stop".

The site claims you are able to quit on the same day you ordered if you are just interested in the initial free offer. Please read the offers carefully because some customers have commented on the high shipping charge of some items - it's important to always check these details before committing to buy.

There are opportunities to leave comments on the site to share your experiences so theoretically the more reviews and comments, the more informative the site will become. I'll be interested to see how it goes in the future.

Important Note: This has been a paid review. This does not mean I am paid to have an opinion that pleases others. My review contains my own observations about the subject matter - both positive and negative. The review may contain criticism, suggestions and comments of my own choosing. See disclosure policy for more details.


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