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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Corduroy Heaven!!

For this particular jacket I paid $35.55 - more than my usual outlay but it was worth it!

Some of you are probably starting to think "this girl has a corduroy problem". Well yes. I do. I'm obsessed with corduroy. It's comfy and warm and I like the look of it. I like cardigans too! Oh my...granny fashion!! Well not really if you consider that Roger Federer likes a cardy, the 90s practically started the cardigan revolution and... I'd rather wear this stuff than the spray on jeans and stupid high fringes that are apparently in fashion right now. Is it Lindsay Lohan's fault? Amy Winehouse? Actually Amy Winehouse is responsible for most of the hairdos I saw last Saturday night. Kind of a beehive-meets-rats-nest revolution.

It's quite fun to put together a look out of clothes that appear to fly in the face of fashion. Some people have an unnatural phobia of cardigans (Kath Lockett - you know who you are!)

How far can you skate on the edge of fashion? Braces? Eek! If you can pull that one off I'll give you a medal. Gumboots? Overalls? Mercy!

One thing that I believe you cannot integrate into mainstream fashion is the tracksuit. Or tracky dacks as we say in Australia. Tracksuits have 3 purposes in my opinion:

1. Running/exercising/walking outdoors and generally looking like a healthy person and making everyone else feel guilty

2. Those times when you really can't be bothered changing and you run into the video store/supermarket - but you still look like you have been to the gym so you are still making everyone feel unhealthy!

3. Lounging around like a sloth with a motivation problem. Nobody can see you (except perhaps the pizza delivery person and then you are definitely going running tomorrow!)

There are, in my opinion no other options. I consider the following to be crimes against fashion when it comes to tracky dacks:

1. Wearing the tracky dacks with dress shoes. NO!!! If you're not wearing runners then you are in fashion limbo! Are you exercising or are you going casual? YOU CAN'T DO BOTH!!

2. Trying to "dress up" tracky dacks with any kind of jewellry. Let me say this slowly. This is Eastern Melbourne. YOU-ARE-NOT-IN-THE-HOOD. Put down the bling and move away from the tracky dacks.

3. White tracky dacks with black knickers. Oh so wrong.

It makes one wonder what constitutes fashion. Perhaps it's finding a look that is unique or makes people take notice.

Perhaps it's decided by a bunch of strange people in celebrity land. Perhaps they sit in a room and say "Cone bras. Let's put one on Madonna and see if it'll catch on."

I think it's about finding your own individual style. Whatever that is. If it's comfortable, and makes you feel like "you", then you're probably on the right track. Fashions change, hairstyles change, but a photo taken in a "fad" year is forever!


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