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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Early Spring Cleaning

I have realised it's time for another spring clean. I bought a pair of jeans on Ebay and they are not quite right for me. So it's time to start selling again. I managed to sell two dictaphones on Ebay- one for $26 and one for $21 (inc postage). This is the first time I have actually made a profit selling on Ebay! Many items are best suited to a charity bin however I will possibly sell my old phone and various clothes that are gathering dust and contributing to clutter.

I have a plethora of computer equipment, cables, hard drives etc. and I must start organising and clearing. I am gaining inspiration from Decluttering for Geeks - he has an amusing and insightful take on the value of old computer components.

I am happy to report that my corduroy jeans have finally arrived. Sometimes I think the Ebay gods are listening when I complain on my blog. Now there's only one question. Where the heck is my kabuki goat hair brush?


  1. Spring cleaning in July is exactly what I should (and NEED) to be doing - ha! I've sold several things on Ebay, but have purchased quite a few things - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ebay! I'm a golfer and have purchased 10 pair on Ebay - brand new etc. - for practically nothing. So far so good - and never a problem with the items I've purchased or the transactions! Good luck with your Spring House cleaning and Happy July!

  2. ollie - You've just inspired me to do more golf shopping on ebay! I bet I could get a good deal on some gloves...


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