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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Musq Mineral Makeup Sampler

Today I received my Musq mineral makeup samplers. The price was $12 and postage was free. When they arrived I was surprised how small the samples were. Each colour testing sachet appears to have enough mineral makeup to cover my nose - maybe. But according to the enclosed leaflet, the mineral makeup is concentrated and each bag is said to hold enough for 2 light applications for the entire face. I will test most of the colours, except perhaps "Waikiki". My colour is possibly somewhere between "Sorrento" and "Maldives" but "Rajasthan" and "Amazon" are not out of the question.

One of the biggest challenges I have found when choosing makeup is that I have yellow undertones in my skin and most, if not practically all makeup appears to be made for people with pink undertones. It will be interesting to find out if this is the solution for me. I may not recognise myself after this test!!


* Ensure that moisturiser is fully absorbed and dry before applying mineral makeup so as not to create a patchy effect

* Apply with a "kabuki brush" in order to achieve coverage of large areas

TIP: Do not necessarily buy the first expensive brush you find. Prices ranged from around $60 (?!?! sixty dollars for a makeup brush?!?!) down to $5-$10, which is the range I have settled in. I have read a range of reviews on these more expensive "mineral makeup brand name" brushes and the reviews are disappointing. I will try the cheap brush, if it packs up I will have lost $10 rather than $60, as some shoppers have complained to have lost with overpriced brushes that reportedly shed "like a cat".

* Do not apply too thickly or the colour will appear distorted

* Apply very thinly at first, then add a little extra over imperfections.

I have been researching mineral makeup ingredients on various websites and according to the information I have ascertained, Musq seems to have the best ingredients.

Mineral Makeup Ingredients to Avoid:

Talc - may clog pores

FD&C and DC colours - possible irritants

bismuth oxychloride - creates heaviness / caked look and tends to "slide off" after hours of wear and is a possible irritant

Now I'm just waiting for my "KABUKI Brush Goat Makeup Beauty Tool". Sounds exciting, yes? I presume this Ebay description means that it is made from goat hair, not a makeup brush specifically for use on goats. Not that goats don't need pampering just like everyone else.

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