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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Pedometer!!

My new pedometer arrived yesterday from Ebay land. It is rather snazzy and very easy to set up. You just enter your weight, age, height and step length and it calculates how many calories you are burning throughout the day. I wear it clipped to my belt to remind me to walk more. It's a good incentive to walk instead of catching the tram one stop - you get to thinking "maybe I could add another k to my total!" It becomes a bit of a competition (albeit against yourself!)

Yesterday's tally: 8539 steps, 3.71km and 165.4 calories! - and I wasn't feeling too well that day!

Today so far: 3118 steps, 1.34km, 60.4 calories.

Apparently there were 200 calories in my breakfast banana. And my breakfast tamarillo had 40 calories. There is no danger in my eating more than one tamarillo because they taste a little - how should I say... tangy. I think that's how they are supposed to taste. They make me do the "just sucked on a lemon" look.

I think I could make a million by creating the "Tamarillo Diet" - it goes something like this:

1 Tamarillo

2 Tamarillo

2 Tamarillo

1 Tamarillo

I can just see the testimonials:

"I lost 50kg in six months!! And I no longer have a vitamin C deficiency!!"

Important note: Please do not try this diet at home. It is a joke. Then again, so are many of the other diets floating around Hollywood. The "Cabbage Soup" diet, the "eat nothing and pretend you're just really busy" diet, the "eat and then spend an unnaturally long time in the bathroom" diet, and then there is the diet followed by many a Hollywood celebrity which basically involves looking in the mirror for long periods and pouting.

It's probably more sensible to just eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, pasta and rice. And make sure you cook with extra virgin olive oil. After all, millions of Mediterraneans can't be wrong.

Pedometer price $4.95 plus $6.00 postage.
Verdict - Success!!

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  1. wow i simply love your blog design! and like reading here too.. for that i voted for you at botb! 8)

  2. atomicvelvetsigh - Yay! Thank you! :-)

  3. Hey Save,Save,Save.

    Just wanted to say congratulations on your entry to the top 100 Australian Blogs. Great to have you aboard!



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