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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Waiting for Contractors

I'm sure a lot of people have experienced something similar when it comes to contractors. You call them, they say they'll be there. They don't turn up, you call again. Then you call again and find out that they won't be there for another three weeks. Meanwhile your tap is dripping, your roof is leaking or your toilet is overflowing. Unfortunately, when you need a contractor, it is often for a problem that cannot wait three weeks let alone three days. That's why you need a bit more assurance that something will be done quickly and properly. Again, guarantees are difficult to come by in this sphere - certainly in my experience the answer has been "she'll be right mate" and of course, it isn't.
You may be standing in your living room, avoiding a live wire, waiting for Electric Contractors to arrive. You may be clinging to your grand piano, praying that the Home Pest Control arrives before the termites reach that priceless heirloom. And you can just imagine the wait for the Plumbing Repair people to arrive. Very uncomfortable!
It would be nice for once to have some sort of a guarantee that the job will be done and done properly. This is the claim offered by DoneRight Home Improvement professionals. The contractors bearing this special DoneRight logo are screened tested for proficiency. Please note you must use the online form to register for this guarantee before engaging a contractor for work.


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