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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Deals Direct - an Online Shopper's Utopia

Do you know what I love best about online shopping? It's probably best if I explain what I don't like about on-footpath shopping (yes, I may have invented a new word - copyright dibs!!)

1. Crowds
2. People in general
3. Crowds containing people and possibly animals
3. Shop assistants who answer "huh?" with a glazed stare when you ask them where the electrical section is.
4. Shop assistants who say "nup" every time you ask them a question (see previous post here).
5. Prams that hit you in the shin when you are holding a priceless crystal object
6. "Hoooy, can oooy help yooo?" (hold your nose while saying this sentence and it will sound about right)
7. Queues - I recently left a Melbourne store because the queue had a wait time of about half an hour or more. I really did want that CD - but not that much!
8. Carrying bags on public transport - there will inevitably be a huge milkshake stain on the seat where you want to put your new dvd player box.
9. Crying children. Tantrums. Ear splitting blood curdling screams. It's hard to concentrate on shopping when you are taken by a bout of fight or flight syndrome.
10. Those horrible sales where everybody rushes in as soon as the store opens. It usually ends in broken bones, scrapes and bruises, angry exchanges and tug-of-war fights. It's hard to be proud of your new found bargains when you're walking out of the shop like Quasimodo.

Now, for the positives. I love online shopping because you can click on say, "exercise equipment" and it takes you right to the correct department. So much easier than trying to follow some harried shop assistant's directions. The items are delivered to your door and all you have to do is click a few buttons.

Exercise equipment is next on my online shopping list. I need to turbo charge my exercise routine because some truths have become apparent to me:

1. Beer is not a vegetable

2. Watching the Olympics does not count as exercise (although I did lose 5cm from my waist during this time - explain that one!!)

3. Getting up to adjust the aerial does not count, nor does going to the fridge.

4. The weather is getting better and the days are getting longer - there is now no excuse.

5. I actually like exercising - it's kind of fun when you get into a routine.

So I visited DealsDirect and went straight to their Exercise and Fitness Equipment section (no harried shop assistants here!) In previous posts I have delved into my exercise routine involving weights and walking briskly (and not just to escape rather large dogs!). Recently I have been considering the benefits of expanding my weights collection.

What I found was perfect for me:

Set of 3 Mini Dumbbell Set With Stand - 9kg Total

Today's DealsDirect Deal: $24.95
(RRP: $59.95)

The beauty of this contraption is that you can choose which weights to use, depending on the exercise and how you are feeling on a particular day. For example, I will start off the Spring exercise routine slowly so I will be using the smaller 1kg weights to begin with. I will then work up to 1.5kg and then 2kg after a few weeks or months of strength building.

I can also use the smaller weights for my some of my Pilates exercises. I can even use it as a small pommel horse. Perhaps I could use it as a newspaper and magazine holder. Or a wine rack. Whatever I do end up deciding to do with it, it will certainly be a good incentive to rediscover exercise and get ready for summer!


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