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Monday, April 20, 2009

Stupid Spam

Of all the dopey things to turn up in my inbox this morning.

Note to spammers:

1. I don't speak... er - that language.

2. I know when strange banks send me strange messages in strange languages, they're really reaching.

3. Ain't gonna be singur clicken anything, thanks Mr Intelegere. Or should I call you Pentru?

4. And flubbidy flubbity to you to. Don't wanna se va face round here no more.

Special note: Congratulations to the winner of the Macy's competition, drawn using a clever random picker - I have contacted the winner by email. I will announce the winner on my site only if s/he wishes to be identified.

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  1. The worst is when something is spam, and you cannot even TELL it is spam.

  2. geoff - I deleted a message yesterday and then wondered if it was real or spam because it was quite relevant - but there were no return address details. It's hard to tell sometimes...

  3. Hi LJP, I joined this group http://connect2mums.ning.com/ to meet mums who "share on babies, bedroom & beyond!" Join us 4 latest info on bubs, kids, tweens & mums 2! It's fun & free! I will also send an email invite! Claire xo

  4. Hi sassysinglemum! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I will check out your link too... :-)


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