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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Super Auto Parts

As you are probably aware, I am a little obsessed with cars at the moment. I want a car. No, scratch that, I need a car. Big time. Given a perfect scenario I would like a nice car. Not just any car, a really, really nice car. One of those 'exotic' ones that has been lovingly restored or built from the ground up. Yes, they are expensive but they're pretty dang amazing as well.

I have found the perfect place to fit out the perfect car with high performance car parts - for Lexus, Lamborghini and Ferrari and other high performance vehicles.

From personal experience I have been for a two and a half hour journey in a Ferrari once before. Granted, they have very little back seat room but I remember being stuck to the seat by gravity for most of the journey. I can see why people buy them if they happen to have the money.

The company, 'In Sixth Gear' also offers a door to door car customization service and loads of ideas for sprucing up your car. The site also features GPS tracking systems (for those of you who travel in style without a sense of direction), wheels and tires, engine parts to headlights and fog lights. This site is likely to appeal to those who enjoy racing cars, high performance luxury cars and motoring enthusiasts who enjoy "fixing up" various models.

This post brought to you by InSixthGear.com


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