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Monday, April 06, 2009

Have You Signed Up for Twittad?

I recently got my first ad offer for Twittad - the new Twitter advertising platform. It will be interesting to see how it goes (and of course I'm looking forward to getting paid!)

Twittad works like this:

  • Twitter member signs up for Twittad
  • Twittad advertisers place requests to advertise on member's Twitter page
  • Twitter member accepts (or declines) ad
  • Twitter member gets paid and the end of the advertising run (eg. 7 days, 14 days etc.)
The ad will replace your Twitter background for the duration of the advertising run. Here is a demonstration using my Twitter page as an example:

Before Twittad:

During Twittad advertising period:

After the advertising period your Twitter page reverts to its normal appearance. I have no idea how this Twittad thing is going to perform for both Twitter users and advertisers - what do you think?

If you are interested you can sign up here to join Twittad.


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