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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strong as Steel

I always thought "Strong as Steel" was a Tina Arena song. ...and I just said that out loud.

It turns out that Strong as Steel is also a nutty infomercial about exercising in your kitchen using nothing but GE kitchen appliances. Note: This is not serious!! It has a disclaimer mentioning that lawyers have advised them to put a warning not to try this at home. It is, however, one of the funniest infomercials I have seen for a while. I have written a few posts poking fun at infomercials recently. I can't really do a lot to top this one, it pokes fun at itself. And you've got to love that. It's really quite silly and quite clever.

I mean seriously. Where else would you find Oven Squats, Dishwasher Lunges, and Refrigerator Curls?

Watch the video here:

"Do you find that your butt gets just a little bit bigger every time you go to the kitchen?"

*snicker!!* Gold!!

My exercise routine in the kitchen sometimes includes gonking my hand between the water filter and the refrigerator door and hopping about for a bit. And cupboard head butts - I do them whenever I forget to shut the overhead storage area. I wonder if "toaster presses" count? Er... probably not.

The release of the exercise DVD/parody cleverly coincides with a stainless steel upgrade promotion where you can buy GE appliances finished in steel for the same price as white, black or bisque. Plus you can enter a competition here to win a holiday to a number of destinations including Brussels - Belgium, Bilbao - Spain, LA, NY and Seattle. Where would I be going? Duh! Seattle of course!! You can enter the competition without needing to make a purchase.

Strong as steel, baby.


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