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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sadistic Gift File #1 - Gong Alarm Clock

Sadistic Gift File #1 - Gong Alarm Clock

Gong Alarm Clock

Yeah. Like waking up in the morning isn't traumatic enough.

It really is that special present for the person you really hate. Instead of getting up the courage to tell them outright, you prefer to torture them on a daily basis, so the first thing they will think of in the morning is you. And creative ways of disposing of a clock... or a body...

"Be awakened with great fanfare, as is fitting for one of your stature and position. A tiny servant to your morning experience lets loose at a time of your choosing; loud "gong" is set by an easy-to- use digital clock"

In fact my "stature" and "position" will be as such:


Fist smash.


Position: head buried in pillow hopefully dreaming about Kung Fu.

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