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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beyond The Garden Gnome

The garden is a wondrous place, full of exciting smells, sights and sounds. Some gardens look a bit more like... well, a jungle. Which is great if you're going for that "jungle theme" thing, or perhaps to create a maze for the kiddies!! But... if you want to organise your jungle, I mean garden a little more, here are some exciting garden accessory ideas to get you thinking:

Personally, I am a big fan of terracotta / clay items in the garden. They seem to blend well with the natural environment and they are hardy and long-wearing (as long as you don't have charging bulls in your backyard - however most don't have this problem and I'm getting slightly off topic!!)

These decorative planters made from weathered terracotta are beautiful in their simplicity and function. An outdoor planter would be perfect for growing a small vegie patch - a few lettuce, tomato, even some herbs!

This bird bath would make a great feature - additionally, you can install a feeder and attract all kinds of beautiful native birds to your garden.

Whatever you choose for your garden, be aware of size and scope. If you don't have much of a garden or none at all, you could install window box planters and grow flowers or herbs. Choose colours and materials that blend with your garden environment. And don't forget to remove those weeds so your real plants can shine through.


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