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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Now THIS Is Fashion

According to a recent AAP article, a world blue singlet record has been created in Deniliquin, New South Wales by a large bunch of ute fans at the 2009 Deni Ute Muster.

Translation - lots of people (especially guys wearing blue singlets) who like utility vehicles got together to do some very Australian stuff. This includes admiring other people's utility vehicles, standing around with a VB can in a stubby holder and, of course, donning the obligatory blue singlet for the world record attempt. 2230 people were successfully 'mustered' (heh heh) together to break the previous record for the blue singlet gathering.

Now, back to the main game - fashion.

The basic blue singlet is the mainstay of Australian male fashion. In many suburbs, regional centres, and remote outback stations, a blue singlet shirt will be found on the back of the "Aussie Bloke".

Popularised by shearers, it can be seen modeled by truck drivers, ute lovers, farm hands, tradesmen, pub frequenters and even the great Paul Hogan.

Accessories can include but are not limited to:

blue heeler dog
thongs (not the underwear - the footwear!!)
stubby holder
big floppy hat
cowboy hat
hat with corks on it
excessive sunburn

For some reason this post is making me want a beer...

You can get it any old how. Matter of fact I've got it now.


Image courtesy of TheBlokeShop


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