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Friday, October 16, 2009

Meds For You And Your Pets

I just received an intriguing piece of spam entitled - "Meds For You And Your Pets"

Note to spammers:

1. I don't take meds

2. I don't have any pets

3. If I did have a pet, I wouldn't want it drugged up and staggering around the place.

Do pets get OCD? Personality disorders? How would I know? Ask it?

Please tell me they don't sell viagra to dogs.

I see enough 'action' every time I go to the park. Particularly from an aptly named dog called "Mojo".

Perhaps he needs some reverse viagra. I'll look into it.

Apparently there are pills called "bitch pills" - Hmmm... I'm pretty sure they make these for humans as well...

We all saw what happened to that dog in "There's Something About Mary" when he was fed speed hidden in dog biscuits. He went psychotic and had to be locked in the bathroom.

Then he bit Ben Stiller's nads.

If I were to get a pet, it would be a miniature pig. Apparently they are very intelligent and cute as well.

I'll just keep the little fellas away from the medicine cabinet...

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