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Monday, December 14, 2009

6 Christmas Gifts Under $60

It's difficult to know the exact limit to set on purchases for friends and family. $30? $50? Let's assume for argument's sake that the maximum you have to spend on each person is $60.

I have an admission to make - I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. And I run a shopping blog.

Here are some last minute gift ideas under $60:

Red Dwarf Series I and II
In my humble opinion, the earlier episodes of Red Dwarf are the best. Rimmer, Lister, The Cat and 3 million light years away from Earth. Series III is also a classic (refer to earlier post Mr Flibble Is Very Cross). It's perfect holiday viewing - the touching story of a man who wakes up slumped on a table in McDonald's on Mimas (a moon of Saturn), wearing a lady's pink crimplene hat and a pair of yellow fishing waders, with no money and a passport in the name of 'Emily Berkenstein' and an annoying rash. All this for celebrating his 25th birthday with a few mates and a Monopoly pub crawl. This of course happens in the book, and the series begins shortly after these fateful events. But you get the idea.

Nike One Golf Balls 12pk
I am fascinated by how they make these things. I watched an advertisement showing these weird rubber spinning and getting covered in layers, tested by robots, its all very high tech. Personally I just hit them. Preferably on greens and fairways. I once lost around 4 brand new balls in the creek at the 8th at Elsternwick Golf Course. But that's another story...

Bungee, Surfing, Jet Boating

If you know someone who would rather bungee jump than have plum pudding and eggnog, you can choose from surfing lessons, jet boating and other such exciting things.

Fair Trade Fashion

If you want to give a gift that won't add clutter, try this one. Millions of workers in developing countries are employed in the fashion industry. This refers to the people who actually sew and manufacture the clothes we wear every day. This gift helps to improve working conditions for fashion industry workers, making it a better Christmas for everyone.

QuickFlix DVD Rental Gift Voucher

This is a gift that can be enjoyed for months to come. Includes DVD hire and home delivery for those of us too busy to go to the video store. The service provides free return by post and no late fees.

Estee Lauder Travel Set

Christmas time is also holiday time, so this travel set is perfect for a brief or lengthy getaway.
Pack includes Estee Lauder moisturiser, foot smoothing lotion, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow pack and travel bags. I feel relaxed already.

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