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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

9 Foods That Make Your Body Beautiful (and Healthy Too!)

It’s important to focus on your diet if you are after a more beautiful body. Eating these foods can not only ensure that you look better, but that you feel better too. So if you want a beautiful body and want to actually be healthier in the process, be sure to focus in on these foods for the very best choices.

1. Yogurt: Not only is yogurt low in calories to get and keep that lean figure, but it’s good for you too. The healthy bacteria found in yogurt is good for your stomach and for your skin as well. Yogurt makes an excellent breakfast or snack, provides great energy and calcium, and ensures that you have that beautiful body that you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Chicken: The great part about chicken is that it offers up all the energy of protein, but at a fraction of the calories. Our bodies need protein to function normally, and when everything is running as it should that means that you get the healthy body you’re after. Include chicken as an excellent protein choice several times a week.

3. Whole Grains: Keep it simple—whole grains just make more sense than eating the refined sugar or flour counterparts. When it comes to a beautiful body, you want the foods that pack a powerful punch and whole grains do just that. They are high in fiber, low in calories, and keep you full longer so they make an excellent option for a lean, healthy, and beautiful body.

4. Raspberries: We all know that fruit is good for us, but some choices are better than others. Raspberries are loaded with antioxidants and that means that we’re getting the active ingredients that leave us simply glowing. Raspberries offer up a healthy dose of the antioxidants that keep us looking young, so be sure to include them in your diet each and every day.

5. Sweet Potatoes: Anytime you eat something with a rich vibrant color, you know that you’re getting something good. Sweet potatoes are especially good for the skin and the hair, so you if you eat these on a regular basis you are sure to get that gorgeous body of your dreams. Get creative with how to include these gems in your diet and watch the results.

6. Water: Though this may seem like an obvious one, people simply don’t drink enough water in a day. Water helps to flush out the toxins, cleanse the skin, and leave the body looking naturally beautiful. Drinking your daily water quota can make a huge difference in your health and your body overall.

7. Olive Oil: There’s a reason that olive oil can be used for various beauty applications because it leaves the skin glowing and gorgeous. Using olive oil in your cooking can mean less cholesterol and more good fat, which is what your body craves. If you want to look good and feel good, then be sure to get your daily quota of olive oil.

8. Salmon: The most important reason for eating salmon is that it contains a healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids. This is important because it not only ensures better health through lower cholesterol, but it leaves us looking healthier and younger as well. Salmon should be eaten a couple of times a week for the most benefits.

9. Oatmeal: With a great serving of fiber and fewer calories than most breakfast choices, oatmeal makes an excellent choice. It’s an excellent option in working towards weight loss as its fiber content leaves you feeling full longer. As it is at the center of many homemade beauty remedies, you can quickly see why it leaves your skin and your body looking gorgeous.

It’s true that you are what you eat! If you want to look younger, more beautiful, and look and feel healthier, then these foods make excellent choices. You can eat your way to better health and to a more beautiful body as well!

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