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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

John Chow Is Not Always Right

My Adsense ads have been successfully set up for some time. The ads have been making a reasonable amount of cash but considering my stats and PR, I thought it could be doing better. So I turned to the experts. On John Chow's blog he suggested that the 300x250 box ad was a more profitable format (eg shown below).

Always ready to try new ideas, I implemented this tried and tested format.

The result?




Not a sausage.

I have now resumed my previous format 468x16 text links and 468x60 banner and sure enough, the revenue instantly came back.

This is an important lesson. What works for John Chow's blog may not work for yours. There will be hundreds of ideas from various bloggers as to which ad units will work best with your site.

The truth is, your site is unique - a cookie cutter approach will not always be the most successful. If it works for other bloggers, that's great - make sure you don't keep unprofitable ads on your site just because it works for someone else.

Experiment with formats and colour schemes until you find the magic combination for you. The only true way to get the right ads for your site is to test, test and test again.

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