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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Meaning of Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope it's a great holiday period for all!

I have noticed a lot of people on tv, news and the like repeating "let's not forget what Christmas is about."

By repeating this phrase, it is clear that we have indeed forgotten what Christmas is about and need to be reminded all the time.

The fact that we celebrate the birth and life of an ascetic by buying stuff is a bit beyond me. But then, I run a shopping blog so what do I know...

So we celebrate the birth of Jesus, a non-material man with meagre possessions who wandered the land healing people and performing miracles.

It's not actually about the arrival of a rather obesese, materialistic Coca-Cola manufactured dude in a red suit.

It would be interesting to know the percentages of children who realise that Christmas isn't about getting the new Nintendo Wii so they can gloat to their school friends who didn't receive the latest gadget.

I watched a YouTube video where a kid received a book as a present. His response was "What the heck is this?" It seems that the spirit of Christmas is out of reach for many people.

I hope in some small way, we all find our own peace on earth, whatever it may be.


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