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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Serious Hosting From ServerClub

I have discovered through experience with my own startup sites that choosing server hosting is much more important than we might think. If you just choose the first hosting plan you come across, it may be cheap now, but it may also cost you in the future. Which begs the question - why do I need a dedicated managed server?  The main reason is that with a dedicated server, you will not have to share bandwidth or server space with other sites.

You may be wondering "How could a managed server help me with my website?"
If you run your own internet business or are looking to start up a store or memebership site, you can take advantage of a dedicated server package to add shopping cart software, databases and the like.  It basically leaves you free to add features as your business grows. If you do not pick this option, your website may be limited in the future as new technologies become available and more space is needed.

A dedicated server plan can keep your online business running constantly, leaving no room for downtime. You do not want to be competing for bandwidth against other websites and losing out on traffic and customers as a result. Another welcome feature is the added security, firewalls, monitoring and backup service that come as part of the dedicated server package. You can also opt for unlimited hosting and never worry about bandwidth or disk space again. If you have questions you can discuss custom requirements to suit your business and get the best advice to ascertain which plan is the right choice for your website.



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