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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buying Skechers Shape Ups

I have been wanting to try out Skechers Shape Ups for ages now!  Finally I got my chance in December last year and I haven't taken them off since!  Okay, well I did take them off to sleep.  But apart from that, I wear them when I walk short distances, longer distances, I wear them on the treadmill at the gym - basically whenever I get the chance.

Now to address the claims of XF (Extended Fitness) Skechers Shape Ups:

Burns more calories - I can definitely confirm that these shoes help to burn more calories.  I have lost around 3kg (6.6lb) since wearing these shoes.  And that includes still eating chocolate, ice creams and croissants!

Tones Muscles/Improves Posture - This is the area where the shoes really come into their own.  How can a shoe tone muscles?  Well, it's all about the posture.  The shoes improve the posture, straightening the back and activating under-used muscle groups.  Muscle groups I never knew I had, in fact!!  Since I've been wearing the Shape Ups, my back is stronger, my calves are thinner and my ankles have become more tapered. 

The shoes simulate walking on soft sand, the bottom of the shoe rolling to create a more natural walking movement.  The shoes are so comfortable that I find myself creating excuses to go for a walk!  My shoes are the XF (Extended fitness) type and they sit at number 1 (lowest intensity) on the burn meter.  Check the burn meter for the intensity that's right for your lifestyle.

Burn Meter Ratings
XF (Extended Fitness For Walkers) - Burn Meter #1 (lowest intensity)
XW (Extended Wear - For Working On Your Feet All Day) - Burn Meter #1
AT (All Terrain For Trekking) - Burn Meter #2
SRT (Skechers Radius Trainer For A Higher Intensity Workout) - Burn Meter #3
S2 (Lightweight Design For Super Calorie Burning) - Burn Meter #4 
The Original Shape Ups (To Supercharge Your Workouts) - Burn Meter #4 (highest intensity)


  1. i want to have this shoes but it's too expensive.

  2. Yes, generally they do cost a bit but you can get them on ebay for much cheaper!


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