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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Havaianas Sandals

Sometimes, all you want on your feet are a pair of sandals. In the crazy humid weather we've been having, it's the closest thing to having bare feet! So why not be stylish while you're at it? Havaianas' range of women's sandals is extensive, colourful and fun!

There are so many cute styles to choose from, which makes for a rather tough choice!    I have tried to narrow down my selection and show my fave five picks (in no particular order - that would be just too hard!):

Fave #1:  Fit Style White
This is a classic and classy white pair of sandals, good to go with sarongs, a martini and perhaps a yacht.

Fave #2:  Slim Peacock (Navy/Silver)
The peacock eyes are always watching you. It's kinda spooky but I like it!

Fave #3:  Fit Style Pink
These are bold, fun and colourful.  Gladiator style.  What more do you want?  And the straps are adjustable too!

Fave #4:  Slim Matryoshka
These are too cute for words - the Russian doll motif in pink and dark blue.  Perfect for a sunset rendezvous in Hawaii...   *sigh*

Fave #5: Summer (Navy Blue)
These sandals are made for beach walking, paddling in the surf...  lazing about on the sand... come to think of it, what am I still doing here?  I'm off to the beach!


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