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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Melvita Floral Waters

Melvita have created a beautiful range of certified organic floral water containing all natural ingredients sourced from organic farms.  These organic cosmetics are perfect for those who want to move away from chemical-based cosmetics and skin care and support organic farming in the process.

The floral waters are distilled from dried or fresh plants to preserve the unique aromatherapy benefits and healing properties of each plant.  French women have used floral waters as part of their skincare for hundreds of years.  Perhaps it's time we caught up!

The most popular in the Melvita floral waters range is the Eau florale de Rose (Rose Floral Water)

Rose Floral Water

This delicate floral water can be used for skincare or aromatherapy purposes.  The floral water is distilled from rosa damascena petals, known for their astringent and anti-aging properties.

Other floral waters include chamomile for dry skin, lavender for normal/combination skin and cornflower to calm irritated skin and pamper the under-eye area.

If you are thinking of making the switch to organic skin care products, you will be choosing products that are natural, safe, free of petrochemical derivatives.

Best of all, you will be supporting organic farming, using an all-natural product that is free from pesticides and is readily biodegradable.

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