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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wish List

If you are having trouble reining in the shopping urge and focusing your attention on what you really want, you might want to try the wish list method.

You make a wish list (say, starting with 10 items). If it is too difficult to prioritise the list (I can't decide!!!) then write them in random order.

Here is an excerpt:

1. Mobile phone (Nokia - must have speakerphone,)
2. Microcassette recorder (Not auto reverse!)
3. "The Last Precinct" - Patricia Cornwell

You may be amazed at how quickly the items manifest as you focus your attention on them.
I have found that over 25 items on my wish list have appeared since I first wrote the list.

You will also find that it will weed out the features that you don't want in each of your wish list items.

Try it! Write a list of 10 items and see how fast they appear.

Happy Shopping!!

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