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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

E.T. Phone Home!!!

I love E.T.

Anyone who didn't cry in the bit where Elliot finds E.T. dying has a cold, black heart.

Here are some E.T. goodies:

E.T. Doll

This is the cutest thing ever. My friend had one of these on school camp when we were little munchkins. She cried for a week because she lost her E.T. doll at the beach. Sometimes it's good to revive those things you liked when you were a kid.

E.T. Yo-Yo

Do you even remember these? No PS2 here!! Yep, that's right. Entertainment without electricity. It used to happen a lot more. Next thing we know we're all going to have to plug a cord into our frontal lobes so we can lower our intelligence by watching Big Brother. Big Brother? Does anyone get the 1984 reference or do they just think about what Mandy and Brad are doing in the shower? I think it's dangerous to raise a generation of people into thinking that invasion of privacy and loss of dignity and humanity is the way to operate.

But I digress.

E.T. & Me Badge

Speaking of munchkins, how sweet is Drew Barrymore in this?


I'm off to dig out my rollerskates and listen to my old Madonna tapes.


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