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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yoga/Pilates Mat

These mats are the sort of thing you talk about and never get. Well, not me!!

I needed to find somewhere to put my pretzel-shaped body while doing my yoga moves.

I had limited space and very small budget - the average mat seemed to retail for about $30-80!! It seemed a little out of my range. All those super-slick Yoga and Pilates specialty stores seemed to mark them up just a little too much.

Then I stumbled on a blue one almost identical to the one in the picture. It was at a daggy hardware store at a ratty shopping complex in deepest darkest Rowville (shudder!).

The price tag read $4.

I was aghast. And delighted.

I thought "Wow! This is great. I can buy this here and pretend I got it from a snazzy Yoga store and no-one will ever know....er"

Like it matters.

Anyone thinking of buying one, try the rubber stores and the hardware stores first.

Happy Shopping!!

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